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Our cases meet your expectations

Our material range mixed with our creativity allows us to create your perfect and definitely customized corporate case compatible with all types of surgical set configurations. We combine the best alliance of materials, ergonomics, personalization, precision, resistance, modularity and flexibility in order to answer to all your needs.

  • Stainless
    304L &
  • Aluminium

  • polymer


The advantages of polymer solutions

  • Perfect stability of small implants and instruments
  • Cost efficiency
  • Optimal weight
  • Excellent personalization through laser marking or silk-screening
  • Optimal ergonomics
  • Wide choice of colors

The advantages of metal solutions

  • Resistance to aggressive cleaning products, easy cleaning and corrosion resistance
  • Standard DIN size: compatible with usual sterilization container systems
  • Optimized airflow with a high perforation up to 30% of the surface
  • Finishing: brushed or polished, lasermarked, embossed or punched
  • Multi-dimensionnal solution, no mold required standard DIN size : compatible with usual sterilization containers

The advantages of Pyxidis solutions for your medical device

Pyxidis offers optimal customization with hybrid solutions. Benefiting from our unique experience in combining metal and polymer, Pyxidis’ trays provide the greatest resistance to harsh chemical decontamination and the customization you require.