is in the details

Products / Details

At Pyxidis, details are really more than that!

The design of your products is all about details that guarantee the perfect answer to the weight, size, sterilization, safety, stacking and additional requirements of your products:

Optimal strength

Optimal ergonomics



We can design ultra-modular solutions, 3 in 1 products, loose areas to fit to the life of your project.

Perforation & strength

Ultra-perforation technics enable your trays to be lighter and easier to sterilize. Ribs are designed where needed to ensure the strength of your product.


Specific corners, performing closing system, adapted feet for stacking and stability, handles on the base and lid, everything is there to offer the perfect case for your medical device.

Instrument identification

Thanks to laser engraving and silk-screening techniques, your implants and instruments are identified inside and outside your tray allowing less handling in the operating room.

Your branding

For a greater visualization of your product’s brand identity, Pyxidis offers unique customization solutions such as:

  • punching
  • embossing
  • silk screening
  • color anodized aluminum
  • laser marking or cutting